Scoil Pól, Kilfinane

Teacher: Sonja Murphy

Molly Jucha



Watercolour on paper

The piece is inspired by a bronze cauldron in the Hunt Museum (Ballyscullion Cauldron HCA 458) and the contemporary glass balls surrounding it that reminded me of bubbles.

Sarah Clery



Pencil on paper

My drawing was inspired by a porcelain sculpture of a deer with candleholders in its antlers (Hunt Museum HCL 057). So I decided to combine them and do his antlers as candles.

Shania Sampson



Pencil on paper

I was interested in images of the crucifixion in the Hunt Museum and was inspired by them to create something new and different while incorporating many symbols and details from the original pieces. The crown and background reflect feelings of sadness in response to stations or ‘stages’ of the cross.

Aislinn Stembridge

The English Pomander Pendant


My work is inspired by the Pomander Pendant in the Hunt Museum (MG088). The first thing I thought was how elegant the piece looked. The pendant reminds me of a flower just blooming in the middle of nature from a drop of gold.

Gráinne Stembridge



Colouring pencil on paper

The piece was inspired by a chalice displayed in the Hunt Museum treasury The chalice is held by a vampire-like hand, with gothic jewelry.