Cindy Fogarty

Cindy Fogarty was born in Limerick where she continues to live and work. She recently graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design with a ?rst class B.A. in Fine Art Painting. Her practice engages a variety of media including paint, installation, sculpture and photography, with the primary focus on painting, and its illusionary qualities.

Hunt Museum



Acrylic on board
31 x 35 cm

I have responded to a bronze polycandelon frame from the collections of the Hunt Museum (HCM 158). This circular ?at frame has six apertures in an outer ring which would have been lit by oil-?lled glass vessels that sat into the round holes in their designs. Suspended from the ceiling by three chains, the polycandelon was widely used as a light ?xture in Byzantine churches.

This work focuses on the chain, provoking ideas of support and restraint, societal groupings links and bonds. The family being the paramount unit where heredity and morality are realised and illuminated.

Limerick Museum



Acrylic on board
35 x 29 cm

The artefact from Limerick Museum collection I have responded to is a Mani stone, carved with a prayer for the dead from Tibet / North India (LM 0000.0509). The carving depicts in Lantsa Sanskrit, the ancient six-syllable mantra, om mani padme h?m.

My response explores the disparity between the transcendental peace associated with prayer and mantras and conscious thought. The thought patterns we experience when we grieve a loved one, often manifest confusion, deep sadness, chaos and despair. Through cognitive organisation, acceptance of our finite physical state of being and gratitude, over time, a restored peaceful consciousness is conceivable.