Ralph Gelbert

In pursuit of his life calling, Ralph Gelbert has been creating artworks for twenty-?ve years. He describes the process as a time of self-re?ection, leading to contemplation. The work is not created with a speci?c purpose or desired outcome in mind: it is a ?uid, natural process that progresses unconsciously, making him feel whole and leaving him in wonderment at the variety of forms made manifest.

Colour is crucial for Gelbert as it gives an enormous amount of energy. Vibrant and lush reds, blues, yellows clash, creating dynamic contrasts which he is always trying to capture: one of the world’s wonders, great tsunamis hitting the canvas and lifting the viewer.

Hunt Museum

Sea Front or An Atlantic Drive


Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm

The painting by Jack B. Yeats, An Atlantic Drive (TB 009) reminds me of numerous family holidays in Ireland. A childhood fascination with different cultures, landscapes and wildlife has driven me to travel widely to capture diverse experiences and impressions. However, as a hunter of light, colour and tone of new perspectives, I have returned regularly to the west of Ireland which has always been a major source of inspiration and in?uence. In a chaos of colours and feelings, I have interpreted rough seas, crashing waves and moody Irish skies in my own manner: my very personal take on a great picture painted over seventy years ago.

Limerick Museum

Liam MacCarthy Cup


Oil on canvas 30 x 30 cm

I have chosen a hurley from the collections of Limerick Museum (LM 2007.0001 - 2007.0007) as it represents the quintessential Irish sport, of ancient origin. My grandfather, a participant in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games, instilled in me a great love of sport and would have adored this tempest of a spectacle. This work, an interpretation of the speed, colour and excitement of hurling, comes from deep within my soul. My paintings contain their own complete and unique world of reality: eruptions of energy, combined with vivid colour, speed and emotion. However, I cannot recall any greater challenge than to create a lasting impression on the mind's eye, of one of the world's fastest and most thrilling games.